Erin N. Macko, DDS

What are the best ways to prevent gum disease? Can I repair already-done damage?

Prevention is a key component in the fight against gum disease. A consistent at-home dental hygiene routine (regular brushing and flossing), when combined with biannual dental examinations and cleanings, can be a great way to prevent the build-up of the bacteria, plaque and gingivitis that lead to periodontitis.

A proper diet can also help with gum disease prevention and serve to supplement your existing dental care. We offer dental health and nutrition info and counseling that can help you make informed decisions about your diet and your dental care. 

We can also remove and repair the damage caused by gum disease. Our professional periodontics treatments remove the plaque and gingivitis that can cause abnormal bleeding and swelling in your gums, helping abate the effects of gum disease and quickly putting your dental health on the road to recovery.      


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