Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is no laughing matter. The build-up of bacteria, plaque and gingivitis on and underneath your gums can lead to swelling, infection and possibly even tooth loss, greatly affecting the quality of your oral health and your life.

We offer professional periodontic treatment to our patients as a way to combat this potentially harmful disease. Our periodontal treatments include the removal of plaque and gingivitis, the primary sources of gum disease. Periodontics can help to reduce the swelling and bleeding gums often resulting from gum disease, leading to healthier bill of overall oral health.

Our team takes the time to provide gentle and thorough periodontal treatments. Utilizing the latest in periodontal technique, we are careful to remove all harmful debris from in and around your gums. We provide treatments that are as safe and pain-free as possible.

We use the latest in scaling and root planing techniques to give you the most thorough and effective periodontic treatments possible. Our scaling and root planing methods rid you of the plaque and gingivitis buried deep beneath your gumline. We remove the immediate threat of gum disease from your mouth and quickly put your oral health on the road to recovery.

When ignored gum disease poses a serious dental health risk, including the eventual loss of your teeth. Abnormal bleeding and swelling may be a sign that a periodontal treatment may be necessary. Bleeding and irritation during brushing and flossing is generally a good sign that you’re in need of periodontal therapy, and we’re here to help.

Periodontics may be the best first step towards achieving great oral health. If you're experiencing abnormally swelling, bleeding, pain or irritation in your gums, and would like to know more about this safe and effective procedure, schedule an appointment with our office today.