Tooth-Colored Restorations

Tooth-colored restorations provide the structural support of traditional silver amalgam fillings while delivering you a more natural and beautiful smile.

Traditional silver fillings, while strong and functional, don’t have the natural look and feel of our tooth-colored restorations. Our restorations are made from a natural-looking composite resin and can be placed in your cavities in generally just one simple visit. These fillings are applied with care by our experienced technicians and are a great way to easily improve and enhance your smile.

Our tooth-colored restorations are used in place of silver fillings to create a more blended, natural look for your teeth. Made of a composite resin material, tooth-colored fillings are easy and safe to apply and virtually unnoticeable by the naked eye. Whether you're in need of a filling or would just like to replace an existing metal one, our restoration procedures are fast and generally performed in just one office visit.

We deliver high-quality tooth-colored restorations in a relaxing and comfortable office environment. Dr. McCann practices gentle and sensitive family dentistry and can provide any member of your family with long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing restorations with the care and respect they deserve.

Our tooth-colored fillings have the strength to support your teeth and the look to enhance their beauty. A simple cosmetic application, our restoration service helps to save your teeth and restore your oral health. These restorations make great replacements for your existing silver fillings and blend in better to your natural smile. 

We offer tooth-colored restorations because we care about the appearance and health of our patients' teeth. We recommend these fillings because they are safe, durable and can be modified to match the natural shade of your smile.

Find out more about our tooth-colored restorations and fillings replacement services by contacting our office today. We care about the quality of your smile.