Emergency Dentist

There's no telling when a dental emergency will occur, and we know that dental emergencies can be frightening and derail your plans. At Erin M. Macko, DDS we make time in our schedule to treat your dental emergency in Newark, DE. We want to ease your discomfort and restore your oral health as soon as possible.

Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is anything that causes you pain or puts your oral health at risk. Signs that you have a dental emergency include:

  • Toothache or increased sensitivity
  • Jaw ache and swelling
  • Broken tooth
  • Broken restoration
  • Broken dental appliance

Of course, it is impossible to imagine every scenario. So, when you are in doubt about your situation, contact a member of our dental team. We can make the best determination for your well-being.

Our Approach to Dental Emergencies in Newark, DE

Dental emergencies can be painful and inconvenient. They can pose serious threats to your overall health as well as to your teeth and gums. And they can put an undue amount of stress on both you and your loved ones. We understand the suffering an emergency can cause, and that's why we provide our patients with gentle and professional relief as quickly as possible.

Dr. Macko understands your need for urgent dental care and works hard to make sure you receive care quickly. Our team is experienced in coping with and treating many types of dental emergencies for all ages. We always offer you an appointment time ASAP during an emergency, whether you're a current patient or not, even if we have to work through lunch!  

Also, for our patients of record, you can always reach Dr. Macko, or an on-call doctor in her group if she is out of town. This is true on weekends and on holidays, too. Pain is never fun, particularly if it's affecting the way you eat or sleep, and our primary goal is to eliminate your pain while returning your mouth to a natural state of health.

Preventing Future Dental Emergencies

Preventive dentistry (or twice-yearly dental exams and teeth cleanings) is your best defense against dental infection and deep decay—the two most common dental emergencies. It is also essential to brush and floss regularly.

If you compete athletically, always wear a mouthguard. If you grind and clench your teeth, which can lead to wear and even cavities and infection, ask Dr. Macko about a custom nightguard.

Your Emergency Dentist in Newark, DE Is Here for You

Don't suffer alone through a dental emergency, and hope it will improve! If you have a dental emergency or suspect you might, don't hesitate to call our dental office today at (302) 368-7463.