Night Guards

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, you may be in need of a custom-fitting night guard.

Night guards help to prevent teeth grinding, or bruxism. Bruxism is a condition that can put undue strain and pressure on your teeth and jaw, causing pain and soreness in your mouth and affecting the way you perform normal oral functions. We provide custom-made night guards that mitigate this condition and help to reduce oral pain. Our night guards are easily removable and fit comfortably over your teeth, providing an effective layer of protection and relief.

We recommend night guards as an affordable and effective treatment method. Our custom-fit guards help to take the pressure of bruxism off of your teeth and jaw and reduce the damage caused by persistently grinding teeth.

Night guards also help to mitigate the effects of Temporomandibular Disorders, or TMD. TMD, generally caused by teeth grinding, stress or injury to your jaw, can cause pain, swelling and discomfort in your mouth. The use of night guards may help to reduce the pain or discomfort that often result from TMD, and be a welcome source of relief to anyone suffering from this disorder.

Night guards are safe and comfortable, and can be a great treatment option for teeth grinding and TMD. We offer this service because we care about the quality of your oral health and want you to be pain-free. Dr. McCann recommends custom-designed night guards to any patient seeking relief from bruxism and jaw pain.

If you believe you or a member of your family may be a candidate for night guards, contact our office today. A quality set of night guards can help to eliminate the damage, soreness and pain caused by bruxism, and improve the quality of your oral health.